Our commitment to responsible practices goes back to our founding days. At the heart of the brand’s slow fashion ethos is the belief that garments should be cherished, looked after, repaired, reworn and loved, handed on or passed down. We encourage treating our creations with the utmost care, the same way we dedicate our processes to longevity and timelessness.

From sourcing the fabrics through exquisite hand-painted detailing, embellishment and stitchwork to the perfect finishing, our talented team are meticulous, with incredible skill and attention to detail. Combining modern techniques with traditional crafts, each piece is one-of-a-kind. Every creation has a story to tell, memories to be made.

The brand now focuses predominantly on direct-to-consumer, producing small-scale — locally, where possible — curated collections, alongside our seasonless Archive and Heritage collections, honouring the skilled hand-work and artisanal craft that goes into Temperley creations.

In July 2023, we ceased all promotions to align with our championing of slow fashion, commitment to responsibility and respect for garments. As timeless styles that transcend seasons, they are designed to be reworn for years to come.

To ensure every piece has the chance to be loved, we have launched an exclusive brand outlet at Phoenix Studios, our headquarters and flagship in Somerset, which will soon be a destination for repair, alteration and resale. We are also committed to biodegradable packaging and zero waste fabric.

As a cornerstone of Temperley, a brand deeply rooted in love for the beauty, slow living and nostalgia of the natural world — from the sweeping landscapes of Somerset and beyond — we pledge to continue to commit to greater responsibility for the brand wherever we see possible.